20160716 planted in bedroom window garden (between the yellow)

`Nashville` is a new variety of calla lily plant having inflorescences with a white/purple-colored spathe that produces 3-25 inflorescences per tuber. The height of the top of an inflorescence above the soil can reach up to 45 cm, and the leaves are dark green with whitish spots and have a leathery texture. `Nashville` is a product of a planned breeding program, which had the objective of creating Zantedeschia hybrids for pot flower production in a wide range of colors with a large, classic flower shape. The breeding program began in 1989, and the new cultivar is a seedling selected from the crossing of a Zantedeschia sprengeri selection referred to as Z020317 (female parent, unpatented) with a Zantedeschia sprengeri selection referred to as Z020340 (male parent, unpatented). `Nashville` was selected in 2008 by the inventor in 't Zand, The Netherlands as one flowering plant within the progeny of the stated cross.