201806xx blooming in driveway island

Wyatt-Quarles @CF&H, Coreopsis lanceolata, Sunburst Lance Leaved Coreopsis, 1/4 oz/ 3000 seed, NA, 1/8 in deep, 12 in apart, "An easy to grow perennial with lance-shaped leaves and bright yellow flowers. Grows to a height of 1 - 3 ft. and blooms throughout the summer. Adaptable to dry or wet conditions.", $2.75

Prairie Moon: C: (Number of stratifying days = 30): Seeds germinate after a period of cold, moist stratification (click for a picture tutorial on how to artificially stratify)
Mix seeds with equal amounts or more of… sterile media (moist—but not so wet that water will squeeze out of a handful). … Place mixture in a labeled, sealed plastic bag and store in a refrigerator (33–38°F). ... If two months (C(60)) of this cold storage before planting is normally required to break the dormancy of these seeds, one month may work for many species if time is a constraint. … Another method of breaking dormancy for species requiring moist stratification is to sow seeds outdoors in the fall so they may overwinter.

Vendor Notes::
http://www.prairiemoon.com/seeds/wildflowers-forbs/coreopsis-lanceolata-lance-leaf-coreopsis.html PDQ $2.50 fall planting 2’ high yellow [purdue, uky-septic] —