known by the common names plantain leaf pussytoes and woman's tobacco - wp

Prairie Moon: C: (Number of stratifying days = 60): Seeds germinate after a period of cold, moist stratification (click for a picture tutorial on how to artificially stratify) Mix seeds with equal amounts or more of… sterile media (moist—but not so wet that water will squeeze out of a handful). … Place mixture in a labeled, sealed plastic bag and store in a refrigerator (33–38°F). ... If two months (C(60)) of this cold storage before planting is normally required to break the dormancy of these seeds, one month may work for many species if time is a constraint. … Another method of breaking dormancy for species requiring moist stratification is to sow seeds outdoors in the fall so they may overwinter.

D: Seeds are very small or need light to naturally break dormancy and germinate
Sow seeds in a container (pot or flat) and water from the bottom as necessary. Seed requiring this treatment should not be covered after sowing, although a light dusting of soil can be applied. If grown in outdoor beds, sow seeds on level soil. Cover with a single layer of burlap or cotton sheet. Do not let soil dry out until seedlings are established. Remove cover after germination. Shading with a window screen set 12" above the soil the first season will help prevent drying.

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Flowers will reach up to about a foot in height but the leaves grow at ground level. Spreading by rhizomes, Pussytoes provide a good ground cover for dry areas such as rock gardens. Parts of the plant are poisonous so deer and rabbits and other small animals won't touch them. A. plantaginifolia and A. neglecta can be difficult to differentiate between with their primary differences existing in their leaves. A. plantaginifolia has broader leaves with 3-5 prominent veins compared to the 1-2 prominent veins seen in the narrower leaves of A. neglecta. *This species may be difficult and/or slow to germinate and grow to maturity. Please note the germination code below.