Other azalea notes

Consider size. Not all azaleas are low-growing shrubs. The Southern Indian hybrids reach 8 to 10 feet tall in some parts of the South and should be planted at least 4 feet apart. .. The medium-size Kurumes grow 3 to 5 feet tall and need a 30-inch spacing. Satsuki hybrids--including Gumpo, Macrantha, and Wakaebisu--generally grow less than 3 feet tall and are perfect for planting under low windows. http://www.southernliving.com/home-garden/gardens/azalea-plant-chart

mid blooming, single, round petal with flat margin. Blotched slightly darker strong purplish red

Flower size, if not specified, is given as the width, or the distance between the tips of the two upper wing petals. Flower length is the distance from the base of the tube to the level of the top of the petals–in other words, the

straight height, not the sloping length of the petals.

Glenn Dale hybrid group … cold-hardy plants with large and varied flowers, blooming from mid-May through mid-June

Kurume azaleas tend to grow as upright medium height shrubs, with numerous small flowers in a full range of colors, blooming early to early midseason. — http://www.pbase.com/azaleasociety/kurumehybrids

Robin Hill Noting the azaleas then grown in northern New Jersey were small-flowered varieties, Robert decided to try combining their hardiness with the larger flowers of the Southern Indian azaleas.