As a host plant, this article notes non-native P caerulea will be accepted as a Gulf Fritillary host plant, while the red non-native P racemos is poisonous to caterpillars. More notes on Passiflora spp as host here.

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Passiflora incarnata L. (purple passionflower)
Edible: jams, jellies, juice, out of hand - WP
"The maypop in the wild is an aggressive vine" - WP
Passionflower vines come in several varieties, including "Lady Margaret" with big, red flowers [P. incarnata x P. coccinea.or P. caerulea x P. vitifolia];"Blue Bouquet," which is distinguished by blue and white blooms; and "Citrina," which displays small, bright yellow flowers. - SF Gate (unclear whether these are hybrids or not)
Larval Host: Gulf Fritillary, Zebra Longwing, Crimson-patch longwing, Red-banded hairstreak, Julia butterfly, Mexican butterfly.
Bloom Color: Pink , Blue , Purple
Bloom Time: Apr , May , Jun , Jul , Aug , Sep
Description: Propagate by seed or cuttings. When sown immediately or stored, seed germination is low. Direct sowing outdoors is recommended. 6-8 in. stem cuttings should be taken early in the season. Once passion flower is established, numerous suckers will appear
Seed Collection: Leathery berries develop during a 2-3 month period after flowering. Check seeds when the berry is soft and yellowish. Mature seeds are brown. Seeds should be cleaned soon (remove the sticky aril fomr seeds) and stored in moist sphagnum sealed, refrigerated containers.
Commercially Avail: yes
Deer Resistant: Moderate

Passiflora lutea L. (yellow passionflower)
Seems smaller & less aggressive, more shade friendly, still a host plant
Bloom Color: Yellow , Green
Bloom Time: May , Jun , Jul , Aug , Sep
Light Requirement: Part Shade
Soil Moisture: Moist
CaCO3 Tolerance: Medium
Soil Description: Limestone-based, Sandy, Sandy Loam, Various well-drained soils.
Larval Host: Julia, Mexican & Gulf fritillaries butterflies, Zebra & Crimson-patch longwing butterflies.
Deer Resistant: High
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