20171219 planted during a warm day (70°F), Drive island front arc
20171216 Big Bloomers ? container for Drive island to left/west of stump

Fast grower to 12 in. tall, 18 to 24 in. wide.
Blooms “mid spring"
Beautiful, fragrant white flower clusters cover the glossy green foliage. Unusually early flowering period.
….pure white flowers that cover the glossy green foliage all summer long.
Charles Oliver believes this is pure Phlox carolina and not a hybrid. http://www.theprimrosepath.com/phlox/taxonaccts1.htm :
'Minnie Pearl' - This beautiful selection was found in Kemper Co, east-central Mississippi. It has usually been considered a wild hybrid, but I think I will agree with Peter Zale at the OSU Germplasm Center that it is straightP. carolina. It is about 60cm tall and spreads to form a thick patch. There are masses of large white flowers for a long period from late spring into summer. I would rate 'Minnie Pearl' as the best early-blooming large phlox, since it has always thrived for me under adverse conditions in the garden and neglected in containers, always blooming well and free from mildew.