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20171118 Country farm and home seed sale (75%off) Goldie ground cherry hi mowing seeds 1/10 of a gram 7 to 14 days to germination send to 18 to 24 inches plant height 3 feet


  • Physalis ixocarpa [1]
    • see [3]
  • Physalis philadelphica,
    • which includes the Tarahumara, Tepehuan and Zuni tomatillos, are smaller, wild or semi-cultivated types, collected from remote areas in Mexico.[1]
    • [2] indicates these are the same species...

Ground Cherry

Physalis franchetii (P. alkekengi)[1]

The different native American physalis species studied (Physalis peruviana L., Physalis pubescens L., Physalis angulata L., Physalis mínimos L. and Physalis ixocarpa Brot) exhibited wide physical and physicochemical variability among each other, which resulted in jellies with different physicochemical, rheological and sensory characteristics. The Peruviana, Pubences and Angulata stood out for being the nutritionally richest species, with the highest levels of phenolic compounds, vitamin C and antioxidant activity. Despite the nutritional value, the Mínima appear to be the most suitable species for fresh consumption. Peruviana, Pubences and Angulata are the most suitable species for processing due to higher sensory accepted of the jellies, either in pure form or in combination with brie-type cheese.